Pineapple Nuken (AAA+)

Phenotype: Hybrid
Grade: AAA+
THC/CBD Content: 22%/ <0.1% (Grower Average)
Flavor: citrus, tropical, sweet
Effects: happy, euphoric, energizing
Medicinal properties: Can treat pain, depression, fatigue


  • 3.5 Grams
  • 7 Grams
  • 14 Grams
  • 28 Grams


3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

1 review for Pineapple Nuken (AAA+)

  1. atomicchild

    Tropical citrus aroma, well balanced hybrid. Potent, blissful and invigorating, great for tackling fun projects. Out of all the “pineapple” named strains I’ve had, this might be my favorite.
    The song ‘Pineapple’ by The Sparks sums in up nicely; “Pineapple, it’s filled with vitamin see. Pineapple, fulfills every need”

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